"RPM" Injection Technique by Ronald P Morris, DDS, Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgeon

Downriver Surgery Center
1823 Fort St
Wyandotte, MI 48192

Immediate Implants: Indications, Risks, and Benefits (PDF)

The Anatomy of Local Anesthesia: The Maxilla (PDF)

The Missed Dental Injection: An Anatomical Review (PDF)

The Natural Implant: A Review of Auto Transplantation and Uprighting of Teeth (PDF)

Download injection technique video (MP4)

Day 1 Lecture Handout
Day 1 Lecture Videos:
1. Simple Socket Preservation (Live Example)
2. Socket Preservation with Membrane
3. Soft Tissue Extraction #1 (Live Example)
4. Partial Boney Extraction #32 (Live Example)
5. Horziontal Complete Boney Extraction #17 (Live Example)
6. Palatal Tori (Live Example)
7. Mandibular Tori (Live Example)
8. Impacted Canine #22
9. Root Tips #8 and #10 (Live Example)
10. Soft Tissue Exposer #6
11. Othodontic Exposure Bracket

Day 2 Lecture Handout
Day 2 Lecture Videos:
Implant Number 3 Model Surgery (Live Example)
Implant Number 19 Model Surgery (Live Example)
Implant Number 8 Model Surgery (Live Example)
Implant Number 30 Model Surgery (Live Example)
Implant Number 10 Model Surgery (Live Example)

New! Implants: From Simple to Advanced
1 Simple socket graft model surgery
2 Socket graft with membrane
3 Two stage implant placement
4 Single stage implant placement
5 Immediate implant placement